If all is agreeable, we'll put  together a plan of action.  We'll each do our part to move you forward from your starting point.


Optimizing your body's energies


It all starts when we meet to chat about your current concerns, your preferences in terms of options, and your goals.  I'll explain how body energy balancing might work for you.

We're on a journey together


Each body works on its own schedule.  Energy balancing is subtle, results may be short-term or long-term, yet gentle on the body and most importantly....effective.

My journey started ten years ago with a very dear person in my life who consistently made un-wise well-being decisions.  As a result of being in a position of support, I learned about side-effects of treatments and ways in which to offset them.  In addition, through a series of referrals in an attempt to assist one of my children, I met a wonderful Quantum Energetics Master Practioner who rescued my children and me from an absolutely foreseeable negative future.  The combination of the inability of my very dear one to survive their choices, and the positive effects of learning how powerfully the act of balancing the body's energies can lead to a life of not just surviving but thriving, compelled me to pay-it-forward.  Although I am still on my journey, I would love to meet, and let's walk together to discover what your body's energy requires so that you might thrive.  We are a welcoming place for you and your family!

There is so much frustration when we are not feeling well.  Sometimes it is as simple as feeling too exhausted to handle normal

daily life.  Sometimes there are more serious issues.  Learning about how your energy wellness level may be

affecting you can help on the road to gaining and maintaining clarity, a plan to maintain energy wellness balance, and

encourage a life of thriving instead of just surviving..