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To Order or for any questions please call or email Ingrid at:

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Each 16.9 ounce food-grade plastic bottle produces 33+ gallons of mixed water which is what you ingest.

Based on the ramp up schedule below, if you're in excellent wellness, the first bottle should last about 5 months.  If you're in challenged wellness, the first bottle could last 5 to 12 months. 

Individual bottles are $40 + Shipping

Case contains 24 bottles

For special case pricing + shipping please call Ingrid or Maureen

WayBack Water IS the Fast Track to Hydration

WayBack Waterâ„¢
Ramp up Schedule

ATTENTION  Do not use the WBW or mixed water to ingest pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, or supplements; this is a cell delivery system; please be mindful.

  • Pour 1 Tablespoon of WBW concentrate into 1 Gallon of spring water;
  • Gently give the 1 Gallon a slight shake once; and
  • Wait 5 minutes for the WBW to activate, producing mixed water.

Dropper information provided by Raymond & Ruth Hamilton @
                                                                                                                              Each full dropper is 20 drops
Weeks                                         Mixed water ounces taken in AM & PM              Or drops per ounce of Spring Water

1 & 2                                                 * 2 ounces                                                                         * 5 drops                                                                                   

3 & 4                                                   4 ounces                                                                            10 drops

5 & 6                                                   6 ounces                                                                            15 drops

7 & 8                                                   8 ounces                                                                             20 drops

9 & 10                                                10 ounces                                                                            25 drops

11 & 12                                              12 ounces                                                                            30 drops

*If you have more challenged wellness you may want to start your ramp up schedule at a smaller amount than 2 ounces and for longer than 2 weeks

If you begin  to experience pollutant removal effects:

  • Revert back to the amount of water you were taking prior for another two weeks;

  • After two weeks, attempt the increase again;

  • If no removal effects, continue until you are ready to increase; and

  • If removal effects, revert back for another two weeks.

Taking the mixed water first thing in the morning:

  • Upon awakening take the mixed water;
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes afterward; and

  • Go on and enjoy your day!!!!

Taking the mixed water upon retiring for the day:

  • Upon retiring for the day take the mixed water on an empty stomach.